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MSNBC Analyst Wants the Government to Kill Some #Occupiers

That’s not what Danny Deutsch says explicitly, but it’s obviously what he means.

Deutsch says he doesn’t “want this to come out the wrong way,” and then says the occupiers need a “Kent State moment” to “simplify” and “articulate” their “clash” with whatever it is they’re clashing with. Reason? Math? After all, they’re not the 99% at all. As PJTV found and the MSM won’t articulate, the occupiers only represent about .083 percent or thereabouts.

A “Kent State moment” would involve the National Guard or some other armed part of the government (ok, that might include Fish & Wildlife or the Department of Education these days) killing protesters. Because that’s what happened at Kent State in 1970.

Among other things, such a killing would help the media re-frame the occupiers from the aggressors they clearly are, into victims. The media loves victims. Victims make for great propaganda — ask the Palestinians about that. So bring out yer dead, I guess.

In what right way could Deutsch’s comments come out? He wants some of the jobless occupiers to get themselves killed by the government. There’s a right way to say that?

I’m thinking that jobless claims are about to grow by one.