Brilliant WEEKLY STANDARD Parody of Michelle at Target

Each week, the last page of The Weekly Standard includes an invariably witty, often LOL parody of a news story from the week before.  Readers may recall how the Associated Press just happened to have a photographer with full photographers’ paraphernalia on hand the very moment that Michelle was checking out of a Target store in Alexandria, Virginia.  What a coincidence, and how fortunate for the Democratic National Committee, which didn’t have to pay for the free publicity of showing what a real down-home, basic American wife ‘n’ mom our “first lady” really is.


All those $142,100 diamonds? That’s not the real Michelle.  The real Michelle likes to scoop up Target knock-offs as much as the next style-conscious, penny-pinching American gal.  Yeah, right.

Well, the editors at The Weekly Standard didn’t drink the Micehlle-at-Target Kool-Aid any more than any other self-respecting observer of Obama and Wife.  This latest Obama fakery reminded me of nothing so much as the title of Judge Judy Shindlin’s best-seller, Don’t Pee On My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining.

Here’s this week’s Weekly Standard Parody:


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