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So, the NFL and the Network Want This Year's Super Bowl Halftime Show to be Worse than Last Year's, Huh?


According to, it’s reportedly another ’80s and ’90s pop queen — Madonna — who will get the nod to sing and dance in ’12 at halftime of Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium. The Material Girl will be the follow up to Fergie, who performed as part of the Black Eyed Peas in Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
Consider that when comparing her career to Madonna’s, Jackson has been far less controversial outside of her revealing too much in a Super Bowl XXXVIII show with Justin Timberlake. Madonna has been never one to shy away from controversy, as she has used her concert tours, music videos, movies and books to push the envelope. So it’s interesting the NFL would be OK with the star of “Truth or Dare,” “Justify My Love,” “Bodyof Evidence” and the author of “Sex” representing its brand in the biggest brand.


The sports gods have been cruel beyond words lately, what with the Cowboys collapsing again and even the Gunners across the pond looking like they’ll spend their season in a relegation fight, but Madonna at the Super Bowl halftime show? That will be a great time to make a pizza run. Or something.

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