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Perry Ad: Mitt Romney's Race to the Flop

The latest ad from the Rick Perry camp nails Mitt Romney on a charge that has haunted him during his entire political career; namely, flip-flopping and being inconsistent on issues depending on who he happened to be talking to at any given moment. Take a look.

The Romney camp tries explaining the flip by changing the subject, which they have been able to do fairly successfully throughout the campaign so far. But The flip-flopper charge is probably the most damaging to Romney because it gets at the level of trust and character, and whether voters can trust him to do what he says he will do if elected president. For instance, Romney says now that he is a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment, but he has flipped on that issue in a big way. He has flipped on abortion, and even on whether Ronald Reagan was good for the country. The governor who signed RomneyCare into law now says he would issue an executive order undoing ObamaCare on his first day in office, but what is there in his record that provides any sense that he would actually follow through with that? Mainly, a record of being on more than one side of a whole lot of issues.

Perry’s “Race to the Flop” ad drops a new bucket down the well of Romney’s flip-flopping record. And that’s a very deep well.