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Obama Gives Up Even Trying to be Taken Seriously

A little over a week ago I wondered:

Does [Warren] Buffett continue supporting Obama because he, Buffett, basically owns the president and knows he can make money off of his policies?


I think we have our answer now, as President Obama is set to extend tax breaks for corporate jet owners in his big jobs speech tomorrow.

Obama also is expected to continue for one year a tax break for businesses that allows them to deduct the full value of new equipment. The president and Congress negotiated that provision into law for 2011 last December.

Buffett’s Bershire Hathaway owns NetJets. And BH doesn’t like to pay its taxes. Let’s do the math: Warren Buffett doesn’t really “support” Obama, so much as he owns the president and is using him to keep the feds off his own stuff.

And Obama just doesn’t think anyone is smart enough to figure this out. If you’re keeping score, Obama was for this tax break, then against it, and now he’s for it again, making John Kerry look like a pillar of principle and stability.

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