Gore's Plan to Spam the Social Media Universe

Matthew Nisbet’s Age of Engagement blog reports:


Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project has asked their online supporters to donate for one day their Twitter and Facebook accounts to the campaign. The apparent goal on September 14 is to flood the social media networks of supporters with coordinated messages pegged to a 24 hour multimedia event and Internet broadcast.  As advertised, the event features a day of presentations by Gore linking climate catastrophe to the efforts of Big Oil, Big Coal, and climate deniers.


The Climate Reality Project page says:

Starting a day before the event (Sept 13 Central Time) you grant us permission to post on your behalf. We will only post content relevant to 24 Hours of Reality and climate change, and we won’t post more than a few times an hour. You’ll still be able to tweet and use Facebook normally, and you can revoke our access anytime through your Facebook and Twitter settings. After September 15 (CT) we will stop posting any content on your Facebook or Twitter feed and you can revoke our access. [Emphasis mine.]

Now, at my last reload, the page says they have 641,013 registered supporters.  Let’s say “a few times an hour” means every 15 minutes.  That means they expect to tweet 2,564,000 messages an hour.  Now, according to Mashable, the highest number of tweets per hour recorded was when bin Laden was killed, with about 12,000,000 per hour.

In other words, Gore is planning a spam attack to take up at least a quarter of Twitter’s highest load, and run it for 24 hours.


Honestly, I started out being outraged, but you know what?  I say they should go ahead and do it.  This should be fun to watch.

Anyone know what the legal definition of “spam” is?


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