Is Barack Obama Capable of Anything But Talking?

Today he’s off speaking on innovation and bragging about not going through Congress to impose “investments in clean energy” on America. Yeah, he thought was pretty cool.


Basically, he’s just talking. Blaming the economy on the tsunami, again, for at least the fifth time. Yammering, again. Blaming “politics” for being political and saying that some in Congress are putting party before country. Yet those unnamed straw men are never people who want to keep spending. Now he’s telling people to call Congress again. Can another idiotic tweet war be far behind?

Now he’s calling for more federal spending, again. Again. I’m getting so irritated listening to him I’m liable to uncork a Felonious Munk rant. Sheesh, this man is a dishonest, destructive ideologue. He keeps talking about wanting to see products stamped “Made In America.” How can anyone make anything in America when the EPA is shutting down power plants? Are we going to whittle cars out of sticks? Only if the unions that own Obama let us!

Hey Barack — you want to see stuff made in America? How about airplanes? Get your own NLRB off Boeing’s neck, now, and 11,000 people can get to work building big new American Dreamliners. You smarmy, hypocritical twirp.

Let me be clear: Barack Obama is a gasbag who doesn’t mean a single word that comes out of his mouth. Not one. I can’t stand another word from him at the moment.



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