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Video: Dallas Commissioner John Wiley Price, Democrat, Shoves TV Reporter on Camera

This little fracas happened earlier today in Dallas, as WFAA reporter Brett Shipp tried entering Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Prices’s county office. That office is, of course, public property. But Price’s aide first tried keeping Shipp from entering, then Price himself gives the reporter a hard shove to keep him out. Shipp argues, quite reasonably, that the county commissioner’s office is public property. Price badly, desperately, wants that not to be the case, but it is. He’ll also want to desperately find a way out of the assault charges that may ensue.

Commissioner Price does his best to keep Dallas politics edgy and entertaining (and simultaneously appalling). It’s Price who is under an FBI investigation, and it’s Price who told some white Dallasites to “go to hell” for being white. And it’s Price who thinks the scientific term “black hole” carries racial connotations.

WFAA, by the way, is where reporter Brad Watson works. Remember him? He’s the reporter who asked President Obama why he’s so unpopular in Texas and got some bark from Barack.

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