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Planned Parenthood Celebrates ObamaCare Birth Control Mandate With a Bizarre Bollywood Video

Seriously. The eugenics organization started by noted Progressive racist Margaret Sanger responded to this week’s new mandate requiring insurance carriers to provide free birth control pills with…a video that looks like a harem dance. I know, culturally that’s a bit off. But there are roughly two guys in this video, and about 40 women. It looks like a harem. Is that really the look y’all were going for, Planned Parenthood?

I wonder why they’re dancing over at Planned Parenthood. The mandate itself will likely lead to higher insurance premiums — the money to pay for the pills doesn’t grow on the trees they’re dancing under. That will end up reducing access to health insurance itself by pricing some people out of the market.  The House de-funded PP earlier this year. Does the mandate restore that funding via backdoor? PP is known for handing out birth control. I just wonder if they don’t see the ObamaCare decision as the administration finding a way to turn their money spigot back on.

Since we’re on the subject of Planned Parenthood and videos, there are a lot of videos about that organization that they would probably prefer no one watch. Here’s one of them.

(h/t Daily Caller)