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Video: Donna Brazile Exhibits the 'New Tone' to Make the Case for Obama

I’m poaching this from Disrupt the Narrative, who did the editing, supplied the justifiably snarky comments on the track, and did a fine write-up about it. What you’ll see is Obama supporter Donna Brazile make the case for the president’s re-election. Since she has nothing good to work with — unemployment at 9.2%, an economy heading toward a double-dip recession, etc etc — Brazile makes the only case she can make. Republicans are taking aim at minorities, women, the elderly, children, the 21st Century, and so forth. Oh, and we’re hostage-takers too. Betcha didn’t see that one coming!

Basically, it’s the same ridiculous case Democrats have been making ever since I’ve been aware of politics at all. Don’t people like Brazile get paid enough as consultants to at least come up with something new every decade or so?