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The 'Why Do They Hate Us?' Crowd Suddenly Finds Terrorists All Over the the Tea Party

I can’t even say that any of this surprises me. After 9-11, many on the left went straight to the fetal position, sucking their thumbs and asked “Why do they hate us?” And they came up with all sorts of reasons we should be hated, and came up with all sorts of ways to describe the terrorists of that day as other than terrorists. Reuters did the “one man’s terrorists is another man’s freedom fighter” schtick. The Associated Press hired Sunni stringers in Iraq, many of whom turned out to be acting as PR officers for the Islamist insurgency there. Democrats like Sen. Patty Murray even lauded Osama bin Laden’s road-building and insisted that we, America, don’t do as much good for the world as Osama bin Laden. Seriously. And the people of her state re-elected her. Apparently none of them buy the Navy’s “Global Force for Good” ads, or have ever heard of USAID, the Peace Corps, the Marshall Plan, etc etc.

These same leftists who couldn’t find terrorists even after terrorists had committed mass murder in broad daylight in New York frickin’ City now find terrorists all over the Tea Party — though to date, the Tea Party has been involved in precisely zero terrorist attacks.

But none of this is new. Jonah Goldberg uncorks a fine rant about it, every word with which I agree. But none of this is new.

Ever since the Tea Party’s inception, the left has gone out of their way to lie about it and slander it. Pelosi called the Tea Party “astroturf,” which doesn’t describe the Tea Party but does describe all the rent-a-crowds Soros hires and the left runs into the streets in support of whatever fringe garbage they’re pushing. And remember — the DNC even ran an ad calling the Tea Party “mobs” two years ago. When I worked at the Texas GOP, we had a little fun with that ad when then Dem. Rep. Chet Edwards ran away from those “mobe” (which were Texas families with their kids, waving flags) at his HQ.

The “mobs” sought a redress of grievances against an out-of-control government then, and that’s all they want now. To the Democrats from the Vice President on down, that’s what constitutes terrorism now.

Well, then call me a terrorist, Joe. But I have another name for what the Tea Party is: Americans.

And you can take your “terrorist” lingo, Democrats and mainstream media, and shove it. Y’all wanted to blame ordinary Americans when a nutball shot Rep. Giffords, a federal judge, a child and others in Tucson, despite the fact that there was no connection at all. Y’all tried to turn that into a bloody shirt against innocent people. Now that the left has incited violence against the Tea Party, expect no hand-wringing if some nutball takes them all up on the incitement. The medialeft industrial complex will blame the Tea Party anyway.

That’s just how things work with them. Their answer to every problem on earth is more and more government, and their response when questioned in their one-trick genius is to act like brats.