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Obama Tries the Shovel-Ready Nonsense Again

President Obama emerged to deliver post-compromise remarks earlier today, once again hailing everyone for “putting politics aside” to get the deal done. Given his behavior and the remarks of VP “Tea Party terrorists” Biden and many others, the politics were never put aside. They never will be. Obama is once again naive at best and disingenuous at worst when he says such things. Either way, it’s just more meaningless noise from him.

Having said that, Obama then begged for yet more spending to stimulate the economy. He talked about building roads and bridges. He might have an ounce of credibility if we hadn’t already been down that political road with him, when he and his party took nearly a trillion dollars for “stimulus” that ended up making the economy worse while paying off his union buddies. He evidently didn’t get the message that his blank checkbook has been taken away, because he has shown himself to be completely irresponsible with it.

Barack Obama is still Barack Obama, a huge government liberal who sees Uncle Sam’s spending your money as the answer to everything. The best thing America can do to stimulate the economy is replace Obama next year and undo everything he has done as president.