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Groundhog Obama Emerges, Sees Shadow, Declares GOP Debt Plan 'DOA'

President Obama showed up in White House earlier to deliver his first public remarks on the debt crisis since his failed flop of a speech Monday night. In the intervening days, the president has offered no plan. And he continued not offering a plan this morning. He offered no specifics and said nothing new.

How weak is President Obama? He called on the American people to call their congressman, again, as he did on Monday. That’s likely to backfire again, as Americans ended up calling to demand spending cuts, not just more of the same extreme spending that has become the new normal under Obama. The fact that he can’t persuade Congress himself answers Jon Stewart’s question in the affirmative: Yep, for all intents and purposes, Barack Obama has quit as a leader.

Harry Reid also spoke in the Senate this morning, and once again insulted Tea Party patriots as “extremists.” The Democrats are clearly using this impasse not to come up with real plans to deal with the nation’s spending problem, but to assault and insult the very Americans who have stood strongest against that problem. They’re engaged in a long-ball strategy to discredit the Tea Party and divide it from the GOP, believing that is their clearest route to holding onto power next year. Reid is a disgrace for using his position and the prestige of the Senate to make such rude comments. If the Democrats had a shred of dignity left they would replace him as their leader. But we all know that won’t happen, and why: Dingy Harry is a perfect reflection of their party.

We’re at the current impasse not because of the Tea Party, but because the Democrats failed to pass a budget more than 800 days ago, and because they still have not absorbed the realities of our national debt.

Now we all await action on the GOP plan. To date, the GOP House is the only body that has drafted and passed a plan. The Senate hasn’t, and Reid doesn’t have the votes to pass his despite having a majority. The cowardly president doesn’t have a plan at all. Only the GOP House actually has a plan.