Ohio Voters Get ObamaCare Referrendum

Obama and the Democrats didn’t want to hear from voters when they passed ObamaCare, but in Ohio voters will get their say now.

Voters will get the chance to decide whether Ohio can opt out of the national health care overhaul after the state’s top election official said Tuesday that opponents of the federal law have enough signatures to put a constitutional amendment on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Secretary of State Jon Husted determined that supporters of the amendment, which would prohibit Ohio from participating in the federal Affordable Care Act, had gathered 427,000 valid signatures. They had submitted more than 546,000 and needed roughly 358,000 of them validated to make it on to the ballot.


Next to cutting federal spending, abolishing ObamaCare may be the best thing that could be done to spur the economy. Businesses aren’t hiring in part because they fear the mandates that O-Care forces on them. Lift those, and hiring may follow.

The Ohio law, should voters approve it, seems like a good move.

The measure would change the Ohio Constitution to prohibit any federal, state or local law from forcing Ohio residents, employers or health care providers to participate in a health care system.

It also would prevent the state from enacting a Massachusetts-style health care program, where the state requires a minimum level of insurance coverage.

If passed, the amendment would not apply to any law or rule in effect before March 19, 2010, so as not to prohibit Ohioans for participating in programs such as Medicare.


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