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Sen. John Cornyn Hits AG Eric Holder Over Military Voting Bungles

The Military Voter Protection Project held a forum on military voting today with the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C.  A great group of speakers appeared including Senator John Cornyn from Texas, Secretaries of State Natalie Tennant (WV) and Beth Chapman (AL), and Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani.  I appeared on a panel with PJM’s Hans von Spakovsky and Christopher Coates. Heritage is expected to have an archived stream shortly.

Senator Cornyn made it clear he will be a bulldog over the next year to protect military voting rights.  Servicemembers frustrated with the performance of the federal bureaucracy clearly have a friend in the Senator from Texas.  From his speech:

I can tell you that I will keep the pressure on both DOJ and the Pentagon to implement and enforce the MOVE Act. I have already begun my letter-writing campaign to the Attorney General for the 2012 cycle. I have reminded him that the first presidential primary elections will be in mid-February, which means the 45-day deadline is less than 6 months away for some of them. So I have asked him to make sure every state knows its responsibilities under the MOVE Act, and to confirm that DOJ intends to enforce the law – with litigation where necessary.

Just today, Cornyn hit Eric Holder with another letter, describing the DOJ Voting Section’s efforts in 2010 as “grossly inadequate.”  These letters make a huge difference in protecting service members.  Cornyn held up the nomination of James Cole to be Deputy Attorney General for months in 2010, causing frustration and panic within DOJ over the Voting Section’s Keystone Kops act. If the DOJ Voting Section blows it in 2012 like they blew it in 2010 in states like Illinois and New York, they may well find more DOJ nominees held up with another Cornyn hold.