Hunters = Serial Killers?

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, not the much more amusing group People Eating Tasty Animals) are at it again. According to Fox News, retired pro-wrestler Shawn Michaels has a new TV show in which people get to watch him hunt for the pot. Much like Uncle Teddy Nugent, Michaels supplies most of the meat his family eats by hunting.


As a life-long hunter, I say “good on ya, mate!” (Actually I’m from Kansas but I like the expression.)

PETA, however has a different opinion:

Jeffrey Dahmer ate everything he killed, too, but that didn’t justify taking innocent lives,” a representative for the animal rights group PETA said in response to the show.

Seriously? You’re going there?

Let’s leave aside that PETA obviously hasn’t taken a close look at human dentition or dietary requirements which make it quite clear humans need meat. Leaving aside as well that hunting is an important part of wildlife management that wildlife biologists consider a critical tool.

No, I’d like to see if we can’t find a way to pound through these idiot’s skulls that a deer is not the same thing as a human being. These whackadoos have convinced themselves that cute little deer are sentient. They’re not. And they lose what little credibility they have with normal folks when they suggest hunting and serial killing are the same thing.


When I read stuff like this I despair for my country. These people are serious, they actually believe this happy horse manure.

Someone help me, how do we make sure evolutionary dead-ends like PETA spokesmen don’t breed?


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