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Obama gearing up for gun control moves

Every day brings us a fresh bushel of outrage from this president. Today’s is news that President Obama is planning to use executive orders crafted by the Eric Holder Dept of Justice to enact gun control measures — and they’re shamelessly using the Giffords shooting as their excuse to assault our Constitutional rights.

Administration officials were coy on the specifics, from the reforms the Department of Justice would recommend or when it would actually make those recommendations.

“The president directed the Attorney General to form working groups with key stakeholders to identify common sense measures that would improve American safety and security while fully respecting Second Amendment rights,” Carney said at Thursday’s briefing. “That process is well underway at the Department of Justice with stakeholders on all sides working through these complex issues and we expect to have more specific announcements in the near future.”

Just how near? Carney would only say “not far in the future.” Another administration official said weeks would be an appropriate measurement.

So we don’t know what the administration is planning, and Congress won’t get to weigh in. Both are recurring themes with this administration, especially since the mid-terms took the House out of Democrat hands. We’ll get yet another dictatorial move by an administration that pushed Gunwalker, one of the most irresponsible gambits any administration has ever tried, and is run from top to bottom by far left ideologues.

January 2013 can’t come fast enough. And, faster please.

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