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Is Mitt Romney confused about which primary he's running in?

At a time when the majority of Americans have sensibly moved away from belief in anthropic global warming, Mitt Romney re-affirms his belief in it.

At a time when ethanol subsidies have come to represent the worst in government wasting taxpayer dollars on special interest boondoggles, Mitt Romney says he supports ethanol subsidies.

And at a time when unions are rightly having to give back some of the over-the-top benefits they have gamed from taxpayers, Mitt Romney is out there praising unions.

ROMNEY:  Unions have played a very important role historically in balancing, in some cases, the egregious actions of some employers and — and have been important to the development of our economy.  And there are some unions that continue to — to train their workers effectively, their union members effectively.

At any other moment, such a statement would probably pass by without raising a fuss. But now, when even Democrats in deep blue states are having to roll the unions’ power back, and Big Labor owns the Obama White House, and is killing jobs in South Carolina via the NLRB while threatening state right-to-work laws? Now isn’t the time to go around praising unions.

I supported Romney in 2008, but he is sporting a titanium-plated tin ear this year.

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