Military voting conference

Everyone says they support the right of service members to vote.  But shocking new statistics are now available about the mess in military voting in 2010.  I will have more on the new data shortly.  On July 19, a morning conference will be held at the Heritage Foundation on military voting.  You can register here.  It is free.  I will be appearing on a panel (for the first time since we both left DOJ) with former Voting Section Chief Christopher Coates.  But the lineup goes well beyond the black panther prosecutor reunion. 


Other presenters will include Attorney General Edwin Meese, Don Palmer the Virginia elections director, Senator John Cornyn of Texas (the leading defender of military voters), Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani, Jr. (former Vice-Chair of the Joint Chiefs), Eric Eversole of the Military Voter Protection Project, Natalie Tennant and Beth Chapman Secretaries of State of West Virginia and Alabama, and Bob Carey, head of the Pentagon unit designed to help military voters.  

Who should attend?  Anyone who cares about members of the armed services participating in elections, Congressional staff who want to learn about the problems in the current system and citizens who simply want to understand more about the issue.


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