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White House calls GOP budget approach 'immoral'

I always find it amusing when Democrats talk about morality.

CHIP REID, CBS NEWS: “This weekend, when the Vice President was laying out all the things that you have to do and how much — when he said you have to ask those who are struggling in this economy to bear the burden and let the most fortunate among us off the hook, he said that borders on being immoral. Does the President agree with that?”

JAY CARNEY, WH PRESS SEC: “Why, I think he does. Yes.”

Video at the link. The Democrats’ morality seems to boil down to, on the one hand forcing one taxpayer to hand over their hard earned rewards to others who haven’t earned them for some nebulous purpose of “fairness,” while other hand doing everything they possibly can to overturn what has traditionally been considered moral or not for eons — and being dishonest about all of it, at every step.

If the Democrats are now going to wage a morality war to extract more in taxes to pay for their social engineering, if this is where The One’s gut is taking him, then there’s really not much to talk about, is there?

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