Maryland now requires 'environmental proficiency' to graduate from high school

Well, the least Free State — literally — is outdoing itself in the idiocy department.

In an historic vote today, the Maryland State Board of Education provided specific guidance to all public schools to require that each student be environmentally literate before he or she graduates from high school.  The vote cements Maryland as the first state in the country to approve a graduation requirement in environmental literacy, a credit to Governor O’Malley, to board members, and to Dr. Nancy Grasmick, State Superintendent of Schools.


In other words, despite the growing evidence of fraud within the global warming/climate change debate, Maryland schools will, by law, force feed enviro-propaganda in the classroom. And your kid will swallow it whole, or not graduate.

The state school board vote clarifies for schools that each child must receive a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary environmental education that meets the approval of the State Superintendent of Schools. Regulations given final approval by the board provide critical flexibility and oversight for school systems as they develop effective environmental literacy programs aligned with the Maryland State Environmental Literacy Standards.

What this will up doing, is take time away from the basics, which students will actually need in order to get a job and function in life, and put time into digesting political propaganda. Knowing the Fee State as I do so well, I can’t even say that this surprises me. Ideologues like Martin O’Malley own that one-party, deep blue state. Factor in the fact that Maryland is home to one of the few growth industries in the Obama economy — government — and it all makes sense. They’re using the schools to manufacture good little liberals and Beltway bureaucrats.


I used to live in Maryland. The contrast between that state and Texas continues to amaze me.


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