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AG Holder still insists on trying terror suspects in civilian courts

US Attorney General Eric Holder needs a time out.

Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday defended the prosecution of terrorism suspects in civilian court after the top-ranking Senate Republican urged him to send two Iraqis to Guantanamo Bay rather than try them in Kentucky.

Holder criticized what he called a “rigid ideology” among political opponents working to prevent terror trials that have been successfully handled by civilian courts hundreds of times.

The only “rigid ideology” I see on display is that of Mr. Nation of Cowards, and it’s an ideology that keeps elevating non-citizens’ rights on par with or above those of US citizens. The head of the Justice Department that dropped the Black Panther case continued.

“Politics has no place — no place — in the impartial and effective administration of justice,” Holder said in remarks prepared for delivery to the American Constitution Society’s convention. “Decisions about how, where, and when to prosecute must be made by prosecutors, not politicians.”

I agree, and considering the fact that Holder’s Justice Department has become a politicized slice of the executive branch, its top politician ought to resign.