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Pervert Weiner Resigns: The Era of the Sex Addiction Scam is Over

Small victories for the integrity of American government must now be celebrated.  Yes, it’s come to this.

But, at last, Weiner’s ignominious resignation is a welcome sign that the era of the sex addiction scam is over.

Personally, I did not think the man would be forced to resign.  In fact, following the Democrat Party’s past trajectory on sex scandals involving their own, I predicted that Rep. Weiner — forced into the light of public glare by patriot extraordinaire, Andrew Breitbart — would cower behind the skirts of Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Whatever, which he actually did do for a bit.  I mean, honestly, Democrats have always stood by their perverts with unabashed glee, covering them with the stained skirts of faux-feminist proclaimed “empathy.”  The Democrats rallied ’round Barney Frank and his boy-toy.  The Democrats threw down every remaining vestige of their moral fiber to save their sexually-harassing, fellatio-king, Bill Clinton.  They stood by John Edwards until the tabloids forced them to retreat.  Who would have believed that they would all join hands at this juncture to declare that the era of the sex addiction scam is over?  Not I, that’s for sure.

I really did think that they would rehabilitate Weiner in precisely the same fashion they have done with Frank and Clinton, perhaps many more.  I’ve honestly lost count.  The morally-challenged public has become quite desensitized.  I believed that by the time election day rolled around again, Weiner would have been photo-opped to nauseating levels with his pregnant wife standing beside him just as other Democrat wives have always done — going back to Houndog Jack Kennedy.  By election time, I fully expected Weiner to emerge from his sex addiction rehab, holding a new baby in his arms and surrounded by a host of his district’s proud Jewish mothers pronouncing their absolution to full court press adulation for the man’s uncommon bravery in the face of titillation too much to bear.

Perhaps the public has simply had its fill — finally — of using such a silly excuse for inexcusable behavior.  Perhaps, Tea Party “extremist” clout, convinced Democrats that any stain on their characters would beget electoral consequence.  Perhaps, Tiger Woods, in his own mega-sex-scandal so recent, pushed Democrats to their new awareness that the sex-addiction card has lost all credit among a had-it-up-to-here public.

The fact that these so-called grown men and women evidence daily the self-control of alley cats in heat is itself a stain on the humanity creds of us all.

Perhaps, however, self-control is making a comeback.  And yes, I think that the era of the sex addiction scam is finally over.

Now, if only we could convince the Democrats to give up their “addiction” to over-spending other people’s money, we might actually be able to save this grand Republic from complete suicidal destruction.

I, for one, hope never to hear or read the name, “Weiner,” again as long as I live.  May his name live in the infamy he has brought down upon it.