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The stupid Palin woman

In this Paul Revere thing, we’ve got Palin, who probably made a verbal slip that turns out to be true, or possibly knew an obscure part of Revere’s memoirs of the event, but in the mean time is shaping the “national conversation” about most of the major political issues today, and doing it with a Facebook page and an apparently supernatural ability to manipulate the media to her advantage, now that she’s no longer being “handled” by “professionals”. Conclusion: what a dope.

In the other corner, we’ve got Obama’s 57 states thing, which was actually another plausible slip (I think he actually meant “47 states”) that was still in no way true. Conclusion: it’s just a slip.

I’ll remind you of Barry Goldwater, the thoughtless stupid ideologue who set a lot of the Conservative movement in motion;

Jerry Ford, the stupid clumsy oaf who was a football star, who graduated in the top 25 percent at Yale Law School while coaching football full time, and was known to be supremely athletic, continuing to ski well into old age;

and Ronald Reagan, the “mere actor” who was president of SAG, two-term Governor of California, two-term President of the United States, and who even liberal historian Doug (son of David) Brinkley now admits was a brilliant and well-read man.

And I’d suggest that anyone who thinks Sarah Palin is stupid should never, never ever, take the other side of a bar bet with her.