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Quin Hillyer: GOP candidates must campaign on Holder's civil rights corruption

Quin Hillyer has this piece at the Center for Individual Freedom expounding on a number of Pajamas Media pieces here and here.  Hillyer notes that the release of resumes of attorneys hired by the Obama Justice Department widens the opening for Republican Presidential candidates to make Eric Holder a Presidential campaign issue.  Hillyer’s notes of the resumes obtained by PJM:

Look at that again. Not one single new hire for a “career” position by the Obamites had any prior conservative associations. Not one. If that isn’t a sign of true politicization, nothing is.  There is quite literally no way that an apolitical hiring practice could fail to snag at least a single conservative, from 120 hires, in a nation that is majority center-right and with a very large conservative plurality.

If the establishment media had an ounce of intellectual integrity — yeah, I know, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride — then this report would be treated as a major scandal.