Are you ready...for the Sarah Palin Bus Tour?

Drudge says it’s coming this weekend, but you’ll have to be in the northeast to get a glimpse of it.

Sarah Palin will hit the road this Memorial Day weekend on a tour of the Northeast -- with a stop in New Hampshire -- aboard a red, white and blue bus emblazoned with the words: "One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty & Justice For All."


SarahPAC has posted some photos of the bus. Between this and the feature-length film that’s coming out next month, it’s beyond fair to say that Palin is getting her game on, and that she aims to re-cast the image that many hold of her thanks to media portrayals, Tina Fey etc. The question is, can she win?

And that’s actually two different questions. Can she win the primary? And, can she win the general election? The polls at this point say no, but what else would you expect from polls that consistently oversample Democrats?


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