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Dupnik’s SWAT or Iraqi war veteran: Who’s telling the truth?

Pima County SWAT believes that Tucson resident Jose Guerena is an Iraqi war veteran turned bad, participating in a home invasion robbery ring.

Guerena was at home sleeping “after working a night shift at the Asarco copper mine.” Apparently, though he held a semi-automatic rifle as SWAT burst in, he never fired.

Police attorney Michael Storie claims they’re right, because they found “found rifles, handguns, body armor and a portion of a law-enforcement uniform inside the house where Jose Guerena was shot…”

Charles Heller of Tucson’s Liberty Watch radio says “Body armor is perfectly legal here, except if it is used in a crime.” So are handguns and rifles. Civilians can legally buy police gear like duty belts, holsters, etc. (What’s a “portion”?)

Heller also notes:

“Much more going on than meets the eye. SWAT let him “cool off” for 60 minutes before they let medical in. Many lies by SWAT about his position in house.

Oath Keepers went in to investigate and found that some SWAT members shot through walls from outside; neighbors have 13 new holes in walls. Were told to evacuate AFTER the shooting. 4 of 17 rounds that exited house not accounted for…. Lots of gooey details.”

Guerena family attorney Christopher Scileppi claims police have published four versions of their story so far.

Pima County SWAT is run by Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, who was unable to enforce existing laws to bring Jared Loughner to justice before he shot Gabrielle Giffords. But that didn’t stop Dupnik from blaming “conservative commentators and rhetoric” for a tragedy committed by a fan of Karl Marx and Hitler.