Answer me this about Sarah Palin

Fellow Tatler Bryan Preston ran a piece about Palin possibly running for president.

I’ve asked this before but got no response, so maybe some of you erudite readers can answer this…


Palin took an oath to serve as Alaska’s governor for 4 years. After her taste of fame as McCain’s running mate, her behavior appeared to change. One of Palin’s reasons for resigning was that she wasn’t running for re-election as governor.

That didn’t stop her from becoming the toast of the lecture circuit, where speakers can bring in $100,000 for flapping their lips in front of a credulous audience.

The issue isn’t Palin’s popularity and financial success. She made a commitment to serve for 4 years. When circumstances changed, she broke her word and went for her deal-you-can’t-refuse.

Here’s my question(s):

If she did this as governor of one of the least populous states in America, what will she do as President of the most powerful country (at least for now) in the world? A $100k speaking fee pales compared to presiding over a multi-trillion dollar budget. And what about a billion-dollar presidential campaign, and all the corporate donor obligations it brings? Or the siren song of power that comes with being President of the United States?

Can she be trusted to serve the People? Have your say below.


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