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Mahmoud Abbas: Give us Palestinians a state so we can strangle Israel in leftist international courts

That’s how I read this revealing passage in Abbas’ op-ed in the NYT:

Palestine’s admission to the United Nations would pave the way for the internationalization of the conflict as a legal matter, not only a political one. It would also pave the way for us to pursue claims against Israel at the United Nations, human rights treaty bodies and the International Court of Justice.

Among those claims would be the “right of return,” by which Palestinian Arabs would demographically overwhelm Israel’s Jewish population. Abbas knows his leftist institutions well, and has judged them to be a route through which Israel may be successfully attacked. Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority who also leads the “moderate” PLO, which just allied itself with the not so moderate Hamas, shows once again that he is not really interested in a two-state solution. He is interested in a one-state solution, and a final solution for Israel’s Jews.

On that, the PLO and Hamas agree.