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In contact with Mr. Angleton?

So Michael, you are in contact with Mother? The James Jesus Angleton?

Wow. Your contact represents the biggest breakthrough in getting to the truth since Bob Woodward channeled Bill Casey. You and Woodward– Beltway Psychics and Sorcerers! Soon you’ll be on The View. Appearing on The View is pure torture but less damaging than what’s in store for Ahmadinejad’s henchmen who now face charges of sorcery. Tsk. Those Iranian radicals — they just don’t respect folks who gather intel from the spirit world.

As to the rumor Ayman sold out Osama — let us take advantage of this post-Bin Laden opportunity and your access to Angleton’s specter. You are well positioned to help poor, paranoid, and frightened members of Al Qaeda. Here’s the gist of your Dear Abby gig: Al Qaeda Terrorists and Terrorist Wannabes —  can you trust anyone when your heroes sell each other out to America? Mother knows all. Michael knows Mother. So write PajamasMedia and tell us about your woes. Your answer will be personally delivered, care of SOCOM.