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Happy Cinco de Quatro!

Happy Cinco de Quatro!

Wait, was that yesterday?  The Manolo finds these new federal holidays very confusing.

Let us go straight to the top for clarification, to the El Presidente himself!

“Cinco de Mayo marks a singular moment in Mexican history, nearly 150 years ago, a ragtag band of soldiers and citizens, badly outnumbered, and facing impossible odds, held their ground on a muddy hill to defend their nation, from what was at the time the most fearsome fighting force in the world.”

Ah,  yes, Cinco de Quatro,  when the “ragtag band” of Mexicans defeated the most “fearsome fighting force in the world”: 8,000 Frenchmen, against the “impossible odds” of 2 to 1.

Wait,  the most fearsome fighting force in the world in May of 1862, was one regiment of the French Army?

The Manolo admits to not knowing much about the history of the world, but would not the 24,000 casualties at Shiloh Church, or the soldiers of the Union Army who were chasing Stonewall Jackson around the Shenandoah Valley,  beg to differ?

But, what does the Manolo know about the history of these 57 states?   Certain not as much as the brilliantly brilliant El Presidente Esperanza y Cambio.

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