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President Obama may not want America to “spike the football,” but he never runs out of ways to disgust. Daniel Halper at the Weekly Standard uncovers the latest. It’s a URL,, that was purchased on May 4. There is no site at that address, but it does point somewhere. Guess where?

But by all means, let’s not spike the football, champ.

While we’re on the subject, between celebrating a touchdown or celebrating a war win, which is more meaningful? Which is likely to resonate the most? By making the comparison between the two, which has the president belittled?

Americans want to feel good about our country. That is a basic, almost primal need: We want to feel good about the groups to which we belong. The spontaneous chants of “USA! USA! USA!” the the baseball game Sunday night as the news broke show that the victory in Abbottabad brought out a deep reaction to that need. There is no shame in it. Celebrating the death of a monster who sent thousands of innocents to their deaths was in its own way a celebration that we’re fighting for freedom and we picked up a win, collectively, all of us, Democrat and Republican and independent and everything and everyone else. Our team picked up a serious and probably lasting win. USA!

So why then this need on the part of this president to talk about the desire to see Osama bin Laden’s final portrait as if it’s a trophy or an end zone celebration? That is insulting to the people of the country. OBL’s death pic is closure, and it’s also so many other things: The chance to see the monster’s just end, the chance to put an exclamation point on the images of 9-11, the chance to honor those who have sacrificed to keep the hunt going and the war effort on a winning foot all these years. It’s much deeper than the president’s offensive sports analogy.

I am so glad that he made the “gutsy call” to get bin Laden. It had to be done, and Obama made that call and he was right to do it. But his behavior afterward has been an unending string of mistakes, gaffes, flubs and insults. Enough already. He is the leader of the free world and it is past time that he acted like it.