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Pony up, Trump

Having found this morning’s Trump press conference one of the most entertaining spectacles I’ve seen on TV in a while — and certainly more interesting than the ridiculous, ludicrous coverage of the royal whatsit that just drove me from Fox in disgust — I’m left with a question. I wish someone in the press had been quick enough to ask it earlier.

I think Trump clearly won the dueling press conferences. He played the whole situation very well, took questions, commanded the media — and the President of the United States delivered remarks that sounded like a movie president and then skedaddled off the stage. Aside from the fact that the POTUS is now reacting defensively to Trump, who gets to call the next shot in their game, Trump came out elevated and Obama came out diminished.

But before today Donald Trump said, on national TV, that he had sent researchers to Hawaii and they were finding interesting stuff. He said this on the Today Show:

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Trump: I have people that have been studying [the birth certificate issue] and they cannot believe what they’re finding.

He went on to say that these researchers are in Hawaii, and reiterated that they can’t believe what they’re finding.

Ok. Who are these people, and what did they find?