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Mother Earth says to treat all of her creatures equally

This splendid article on Earth Day and the Bolivian proposal to recognize the human rights of Mother Earth does not go far enough. As I noted here, far more needs to be done so that our choices for President of the United States are no longer limited in an unacceptable fashion. Should we fail in this, the next presidential election — already predicted to be the most racist in history — will be obscenely speciest as well.

Sadly, a lowly frog naturally born and raised in the swamps of Florida can not presently become the President of the United States. True, frogs are hatched rather than “born,” but that is not their fault and is of no consequence. The unfairness of this discrimination on account of mere color — green — should be apparent to all.  Since frogs must soon be recognized as having full human rights, why not as naturally born, or hatched, citizens of the United States, endowed by Mother Nature with all of the requisite Constitutional qualifications for the presidency?

Jeremiah T. Bullfrog, born in 1971, has long been a leader of the international environmentalist movement and his presidency is an idea whose time has come.  With the campaign slogan  “Rib bit, Rib bit, Rib bit,” meaning whatever he and we may wish it to mean, Jeremiah will win a resounding victory no less well deserved than was President Obama’s victory in 2009.
President Jeremiah will bring peace and joy to the world, pleasing Mother Earth and all creatures precariously living aboard at her tender mercy — even the fishes in the deep blue seas.  Let us all go whole hog and give hope and change a real chance. Gaia requires no less.