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Farid Ghadry: "Freedom, Freedom ... We Want to Topple the Assad Regime"

Farid Ghadry gave PJ readers an inside look at the horror being perpetrated in Syria by Bashar al-Assad’s government. In an exlusive interview, Ghadry tells PJTV, “Assad extended his terror to the point where it has become massacring people, rather than just having snipers kill a few here and there.”

Ghadry details James Poulos the latest events on the ground in Syria and how explains how the video is being brought out of the country.

“This is our Tiananmen Square,” Ghadry days, describing an iconic image shot during a sniper attack of a bloodied Syrian man standing defiantly in the middle of the street with his arms wide open. “This revolution is not going to die,” he adds, “Our people are very courageous.”

Watch the full interview on PJTV.