Pulitzer winner was once a deserved target of blogger scorn

His names is Joe Rago, of the Wall Street Journal, where is a senior editorial writer. Mr. Rago first emerged on the blog scene back in 2006 at the wizened age of 23, for writing that all blogs stink except the blogs that he, Joe Rago, was in the habit of reading. Those blogs, of which there were very few because he wasn’t much of a blog reader, didn’t stink. I would link Rago’s ridiculous column but it has since gone down the paywall memory hole.


Hugh Hewitt invited Rago onto his radio show, where Hewitt did a fine job of picking Rago apart without the future Pulitzered journalist ever realizing what was going on, and exposing him for writing about a subject on which he possessed very little no useful knowledge. Iowahawk picked up Rago’s column and did what he does best. Iowahawk’s brilliant parody gives you a very good idea of just how silly and ill-informed Rago’s original column was. Only, Iowahawk’s writing is roughly 1.8 million times better.

It’s that Joe Rago, not yet 30 years of age, who now has a Pulitzer and you don’t, while bloggers who routinely break real news, as often as not concerning stories that the MSM just flat refuses to cover, are just as routinely shunned by the Big Journalist Club.

(photo from Dakota Voice)


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