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God of this city: Reaching out to help Japan

From what I’m hearing, the life of privation in Tokyo and elsewhere north in Japan hasn’t let up. Businessmen and women who once took the world’s most efficient train system for granted now find themselves walking 4 and 6 hours to work each day — and that’s those whose jobs haven’t been knocked out. Gasoline and kerosene are still scarce, and it is still difficult to get basic food and supplies. And, there’s the word that came out today that the radiation levels in Tokyo’s tap water may have exceeded safety standards for infants to drink it. Strong aftershocks rocked the country again today. The death toll from the main disaster stands at 9,300 dead, over 13,000 missing. Recovery from all of this will take quite a while, and will mostly happen away from the headlines.

Charity-wise, if you’re interested in donating or volunteering to help, I’m hearing good things from friends in Japan about a group called CRASHJapan. The “CRASH” stands for Christian Relief, Assistance, Support and Hope

The original song in the video is by Chris Tomlin, one of the best know Christian singers these days.