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Syria Rising (cont)

More from the Reform Party of Syria.  To repeat, if you want to support oppressed people, the best ones to support are those who want to bring down our enemies.  Syria is an unindicted member of the Axis of Evil, and the Assad family is an ideal target for regime change.  Here’s the update:

Considering the latest news coming out of Syria, here are few issues to consider:

The Druze. Assad has arrested Ms. Mountaha Bacha al-Atrash, daughter to a Druze hero revered by his community. Now, the Druze of Syria have become his enemy and all those who embrace human rights inside Syria.

The Tribes. Assad arrested today Sheikh Soufok Faisal al-Nojrous, a member of parliament and a member of a ferocious Syrian tribe. Now, the tribes of Syria have become his enemy.

The Women. Assad has detained several prominent women activists including Suhair Al-Atassi, Nereven Ossi, Ola Kayali, and many others. Up to 50% of the Syrian population may become his enemy.

The Hawran Region. Using deadly force against civilians in Dara’a, the whole Hawran province has become his enemy, in addition to the neighboring provinces of Sweida and Quneitra whose young men joined in the demonstrations in Dara’a.

The Children. Detaining children of 13 and 14 years old just for some graffiti on walls expressing freedom is unforgivable in any society. Even Assad’s supporters are murmuring.

The Syrian Army. No important mutiny to speak of but it won’t be long now that the Syrian tribes have taken a clear position against the regime. Many of their children are army recruits.


Traditional Enemies. The traditional enemies of Assad have yet to rise. The Kurds in Northeast Syria and the Students in Aleppo, Damascus, and Homs. If they do in the next few days, Assad would be looking down a very dark tunnel.

The Muslim Brotherhood. Working behind the scene, the organization has been effective in getting some videos out. Their strongholds in Hama and Aleppo have been relatively quiet. This revolution has passed them by or they are letting it pass them by on purpose awaiting their chance. Considering the information coming through, this revolution will pass anyone who is not seeking freedom, democracy, and human rights. Several of their sites have tried to turn the attention to Israel and what is happening in Gaza but Syrians are mostly not interested. That’s a very good sign.

Conclusion. Assad has made several mistakes that are fueling the uprisings. By Friday, we will know if this is unstoppable.