True the Vote's national summit, Mar. 25-16

These are the folks who caught the lefty Houston Votes and Texas Together Education Fund in a massive voter registration fraud shortly before the 2010 election. My first piece after joining the PJ empire was about that scheme:


On Tuesday, August 24, Harris County’s tax assessor-collector, Leo Vasquez, held a press conference in which he detailed what he called systematic and organized voter registration fraud across the county. Texas Watchdog reported on Vasquez’s presser that day. Vasquez accused two nominally nonpartisan groups, the Texans Together Education Fund and its elections arm, Houston Votes, of engaging in massive voter registration fraud that put as many as 25,000 fraudulent registrations on the county’s roll. Vasquez offered substantial evidence to back up his claim, and likened the groups to ACORN.

That accusation isn’t without some foundation: ACORN was so active in Houston prior to the stings that discredited it, that it had its own state representative from the Houston area in Kristi Thibaut. Elected in the 2008 Obama wave to represent Texas House District 133, Thibaut was recently outed for her work as a lobbyist for ACORN in the 2007 legislative session (full disclosure — as communications director of the Republican Party of Texas when Thibaut was outed, I played a central role in exposing her ACORN past). As for the group’s “nonpartisan” veneer, well, blogHouston exposed the left-wing nature of their entire leadership. For a nonpartisan group, it lists heavily to the left. And by the way, the SEIU purple-shirt union is involved too, in the person of Houston Votes’ director, Sean Caddle.


It was True the Vote that alerted Vasquez and exposed the whole thing. They’re having a national summit in Houston next weekend, March 25-26. While there will be a number of big names speaking there, including Andrew Breitbart and some folks from the PJ family, the point of the weekend is to get trained up on how to detect and expose voter registration fraud. Here are the details. So far, I’ve heard that delegations from 23 states are coming. If you want to learn how True the Vote is protecting our right to vote, and how you can help, those two days in Houston are a can’t miss.

By the way, ACORN’s legislator joined most other Texas Democrats in losing last November.



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