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Will the WaPo fire Sari Horwitz?

Or is plagiarism – aka “borrowing” other writers’ work – okay at the vaunted Washington Post? Their writer Sari Horwitz – who has a Pulitzer, a Robert Kennedy Journalism Award and a bunch o’ other prizes – “lifted a couple paragraphs from one report on Jared Loughner on March 4 as well as 10 paragraphs in another piece that appeared on March 10,” according to Politico. The WaPo has issued an “apology” for Horwitz’s atrocious behavior, which is of course a form of theft from her fellow writers, in this case at The Arizona Republic.

But is an apology enough? Call us sticklers, but evidently unlike the Washington Post, we don’t countenance that kind of behavior here at PJM. As CEO, I can say anyone caught plagiarizing on our site would never work with us again.

On the other hand, it does give us a chance to rehearse the the strains of “The Great Lobachevsky”….

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