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NPR welcomes its Muslim Brotherhood overlords

The most striking feature of the O’Keefe/NPR video is just how deep a hypocrite Ron Schiller is. He spends a great deal of time in the piece slamming conservatives, Christians, Republicans, and Tea Partiers in ways that ought to shock, but thanks to President Bitter Clinger, they don’t really shock us anymore. Many liberals really are just reactionary haters. But — having just so slammed so many Americans in such a biased way, he excuses the firing of Juan Williams because, in Schiller’s words, NPR stands for “non-racist, non-bigoted straightforward telling of the news,” and Williams had violated that. He then goes farther and says Williams had compromised himself as a journalist and “can no longer report to the Muslim population and be fair.”

Schiller is VP of Development at NPR. While he may not be an on-air journalist, his position grants him vast influence on NPR’s on-air product. It’s clear from his remarks that he cannot fairly manage an organization that reports to the Republican, conservative, Christian or Tea Party population. He’s too much of a bigot against those groups.

It’s also clear that he and his fellow NPR exec believe America’s past sins mandate that we be nice to everyone now, even the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that explicitly wants to destroy America’s constitution, our freedoms and way of life. These NPR dhimmis welcome their new Muslim Brotherhood overlords as the price of FDR’s decision to intern Japanese Americans during WWII.

Yeah, that’s stupid. But it’s evidently how at least some self-described liberals think. It’s all there in the video.

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