Meet the center of the green-industrial complex

His name is Steve McBee, and he’s a former staffer to Democrat Sen. Maria Cantwell.

McBee’s clients include SolarCity and the Green Tech Action Fund as well as electric-car maker Better Place Inc., waste-to-power company Ze-gen, and solar-power developer BrightSource Energy. But the big guys — Boeing, JP Morgan, and Google — also hire McBee to lobby for green-energy subsidies.

Electric car company Tesla signed on with McBee days after Obama’s election, and soon won a $465 million loan guarantee to aid in building a new all-electric car.

With McBee’s former boss being a senior Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee, McBee Strategic used to be an earmark factory. After Obama’s election, though, McBee pivoted to green energy and saw revenues soar in 2009.


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