Wisconsin: Layoffs loom, protesters leave capital building damaged

The fleebag Democrats did not return to Madison before or after Thursday’s 4 pm deadline, so they are now subject to being taken into custody if found sneaking back to their homes from the Tilted Kilt or wherever they’ve taken to hiding.


Gov. Scott Walker says he will have to start the state worker layoffs at 1500 if the Democrats don’t show up to provide a quorum for passage of the budget repair bill. Jim Lundgren speculates that the WI Senate doesn’t need the quorum to pass the bill. He’s evidently right on the law, but I see a problem with his analysis, though: The WI House has already passed the bill. For the Senate to break out the government union privileges part of the bill out and pass it as a standalone, would require similar action in the House, no? The House could do that, of course, but doing so might clog up its legislative calendar, and spark another round of chanting and gnashing of teeth from the Democrats. It’s probably worth doing all that to get the bill passed and let the Democrats try their post-passage strategy of taking it to court.

The protesters who have been camping out in the capital for weeks left last night, singing protest shanties as they filed out. There’s a report out today that the protesters have stuck the taxpayers of Wisconsin with yet another steep bill: $7.5 million in damage to the capital building and grounds.


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