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Silly: Protesters stage 'funeral' for Wisconsin

Because Scott Walker killed it, of course. (As opposed to the government unions that bled it dry.)

Thursday night’s “funeral march” up State Street featured the world’s friendliest group of angry protesters. The latest demonstration against Gov. Scott Walker’s union-killing budget bill overflowed with Mardi Gras-style energy, including extravagant costumes, a ragged brass band and lots of inventive props.

Because nothing says you’re serious like a brass band and a bunch of props. Well, except for dressing up your dog. That just screams “Take me seriously, I have important things to say!”

A rainbow coalition of families, students, teachers, professors and union types dressed up for the occasion – and some even dressed up their dogs. (My favorite sign was attached to a little black mutt: “The Budget Repair Bill Is Great – For Me to Poop On!”) …

At the center of the parade was a group of pallbearers in top hats, carrying black styrofoam coffins. The idea was that Walker had killed Wisconsin, thus the need for this New Orleans funeral. The brass band played “When the Saints Go Marching In” and other tunes with more energy than polish – but hey, Walker will be around for awhile, so they’ll have plenty of time to practice.

Apparently even they don’t take the recall idea very seriously.