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UK Enviro's embraced Gaddafi's in 2007 PR "sustainable" project

The always observant British climate change skeptic and blogger Benny Peiser reminds us that back in 2007 the Libyan government announced the creation of what it claims is “the world’s first sustainable region.”   It was backed by Euro-environmentalists who had visions of an ecotopia on Libya’s northern coast.

They called it “one of the most beautiful and little known landscapes on earth.”  The utopia was pushed and overseen by Col. Gaddafi’s venal and corrupt son, Saif al-Islam.  It had the enthusiastic endorsement of one of the U.K.’s most visible climate change alarmists, Sir. Nicholas Stern, and the U.K. environmental radicals.

The 2007 launch apparently was another high-visibility, feel-good, vanity and PR exercise for the eco-radicals and a love fest for Gaddafi’s son Saif, who hungered for the political cover.

Unfortunately for Saif and the enviros, while they may have loved the landscape, they seemed to overlook the misery and oppression of the people actually living there.  Did they the people see it as another grandstanding movement by the Gaddafi dictatorship?

When the Libyan revolt against Gaddafi and his dynasty began, it began exactly in Benghazi.  Today it  is a liberated zone.  And apparently it is also liberated by the environmentalists who valued fauna over people.