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Tantaros: It's time to scrap Obama's green dream

Oil spiked at about $103  per barrel before leveling off a bit to just under $100 overnight, thanks to the unrest in Libya. The fact is, green is still a dream and we need to drill right here at home to meet our energy needs.

[A]lternative energy sources should be a facet of our national energy policy. But ignoring or demonizing crude in a time when we are a long, long way from identifying a competing source that can contribute at true commercial scale is impractical. That’s why drilling here at home is yet another fight we cannot idealistically abandon.

The more we drill at home, the less we depend on the Middle East for our oil, and the more economically secure we become. And that’s not to mention the huge range of economic advantages to the U.S.: jobs in exploration and production, jobs in supply chain, jobs in service and support, a huge cash flow to the Treasury Department, a correction of the trade balance.