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Indiana: Union protests reveal anti-choice agenda

The choices being, the right to not have to join a union in order to have a job, and the right to choose where your children attend school. What did you think I was referring to?

INDIANAPOLIS — A Republican-controlled committee passed so-called right-to-work legislation on Monday in the face of protests from hundreds of union members who gathered at the Indiana Statehouse.The proposal passed by an 8-5 vote, ensuring it will move on in the legislative process toward possible passage later in the session. …

Union members planned a rally later in the afternoon to protest the right-to-work bill, along with other legislation being pushed by Republicans who control the House and Senate.Union members joined a teachers union in opposing Daniels’ education agenda, including restricting teacher collective bargaining rights, expanding charter schools and implementing vouchers that use taxpayer money to help parents send their children to private schools.

Like I said, the unions have an anti-choice agenda.