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An Inconvenient shlock-fest

What do you get when you cross an Al Gore documentary with “Troll 2,” arguably the worst film ever made?

Something like “Birdemic: Shock and Terror,” a new horror film making its way onto home video this week. “Birdemic” quickly became a midnight movie favorite last year, that sacred slot where really bad movies find their audience.

Just how awful is “Birdemic?” Imagine you gave your 12-year-old nephew a sack of candy and a movie camera and told him to shoot a horror movie. Your nephew probably wouldn’t stop his story cold to explain why global warming is to blame for the killer birds, but “Birdemic” does that repeatedly.

Is the film mocking global warming alarmists? Who knows? To this critic’s eye, “Birdemic” represents a movie purposely gunning for cult status, not a bad movie shot with good intentions. But if you’re forced to watch a climate change polemic, you’re better off seeing “Birdemic” than “An Inconvenient Truth.” You won’t see any Power Point presentations or former vice presidents spinning tall tales about rising sea levels.