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Wisconsin: What happens next?

That is a photo of Gov. Scott Walker. That is the man that the unions and Democrats are comparing to Hosni Mubarak. That is the man they’re comparing with Mussolini, and Hitler, and all that that implies. I don’t know about you, but he doesn’t strike me as a thug in any way.

The unions’ tactics, on the other had, have thuggery and putsch written all over them. Don’t take my word for it. Just watch this.

But the question is, what happens next? That depends on who wins. The actual stakes involved in Wisconsin are modest. The implications, however, are not. Scott Walker=/= Hosni Mubarak (who wasn’t even the worst of the Middle East’s dictators, but I digress).

The police in WI can’t go into IL and force the Democrats back to Madison. Illinios is not going to do a thing to make them go back north. Undoubtedly someone in the GOP is talking with someone on the other side to get them to return. All they need is one Dem to do the right thing.

If the unions win, Ohio, California, maybe even New Jersey and other big union states are at the unions’ mercy. And we’ll get nowhere on our massive national, state and municipal debt problem. Nowhere.

But if Walker wins? He will have shown that when the left personalizes and demonizes, he stands as a true leader stands. We will start to make progress on the debt bomb. Public sector salaries and benefits might start to return to something approaching sustainability (a word the left loves in every sphere but economics). And though he has only been in office a short time, having defeated the entire national Democratic establishment, there will be a movement afoot across the country:

Walker 2012.

Maybe on the top of the ticket, maybe in the veep slot. You heard it here first.

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