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Detroit breakdown vs Madison Avenue


The hornswoggle with taxpayer money is so preposterous, it deserves a second Tatler posting.  The laughable taxpayer-fueled Chrysler Super Bowl ad says of Detroit, “that’s our story. Now it’s probably not the one you’ve been reading in papers.  The one being written by folks who’ve never even been here.” 

The folks at Chrysler, and their federal benefactors, would prefer you avert your eyes to the real story of Detroit – of car assembly moving to southern states because of UAW contracts and urban rot presided over by one-party rule for decades.  Even if you’ve never been to Detroit, judge for yourself, peruse for a minute this photo essay “Detroit in Ruins” from the UK Guardian to see real pictures of a once grand city reduced to something from the other side of the apocalypse .  Or watch this video of urban decay so severe wild game is returning to inner city Detroit.  Millions of dollars in taxpayer backed advertising can’t conceal what bad government and labor policies did to a once gleaming monument to American ingenuity.  (The photo above is from the advertisement; the man appears to be crossing “Congress” St.)